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Laurie Vizzini (milligan) Trainer and Confidence Booster


Summer skills series

July 11 - Aug 27th

We have an exciting New Summer Skills Series Layout for you this year!  We will be having 6 - Skills Sessions on Tuesdays this Summer.  We will only be taking 12 players per session, there is still room.  RAIN OR SHINE.  Our Summer Skills Series will focus on Shooting, 1 v 1 offensive moves and lots of ball handling.  Bring an outdoor 28.5 ball if you have one, I have 4-5 if you need.  Don’t wait, there will be a waiting list. 

Tuesdays Skills Drop Off 8:30am, we will walk to Orenco Elementary School for Skills.  You can also drop off at the school at 9am...Pick up will either be at 11am or 12noon, depending on if you stay for our Red Letter Lunch (bring your own lunch)

On Tuesday’s after Skills, there will be an optional Red Letter Lunch from 11am-12Noon.  Parents are welcome to pick up their child at 11am.  Our Lunch time will be an opportunity for those who wish to ask and discuss questions about spiritual things, like:  Is there a God?  How do you know?  Does God think I’m bad if I do bad things?  What is Heaven and how do I get there?  Is Jesus the only way to Heaven, how do you know?.  What is the Trinity?  You do not have to believe in Jesus in order to attend, however if your child has questions, or you want them around other positive Followers of Jesus where it’s “ok” to ask questions, this is the place.  We ask that you bring a sack lunch, but we will have some treats, popsicles, water, lemonade etc.


We want this to be a “safe” place for your daughter to ask tough questions about tough life issues and growing up in this world.  We know that sometimes your kids have a hard time asking you, but you want someone you can trust to help guide them to where the answers might be, or at least in a positive direction.  We do not have a ton of answers, but we do love Jesus and desire to follow Him and be the women He created us to be, but it takes community and fellowship with others.  We do not claim to be perfect, have it all together, nor have a degree in Theology, so the only expectation here is that we learn and grow together.

Your daughter does not have to have a bible, we will provide one if necessary as well as other materials.


We are not counselors, nor experts or theologians. We are lay-people who have a passion for Jesus and a desire to love on kids who have questions about spiritual things.  This is a non-denominational gathering and we will not be pushing anyone into believing something that is outside their current beliefs and in turn expect the same from attendees.  However, keep in mind our leaders are Followers of Jesus and believe the Bible is the Word of God and will go to the NIV Holy Bible to seek answers to questions that are brought up, that may be differing to your way of doing things.   We ask that all participants and leaders are respectful to differing opinions and are not here to judge, tell anyone they are wrong or fix anyone.  We believe that is the work of the Holy Spirit.  We will be praying out loud, but not force anyone to pray if they are uncomfortable. 

If you have questions prior to our Red Letter Lunches, please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. 

We hope this will be a positive thing for you and your family and that it will help your child to grow in their Faith.

LViz Summer Skills Series

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Tuesday Skills:
@ Laurie Vizzini’s
Orenco Elementary School
22550 NW Birch Street
Hillsboro, OR 97124
(next to new Orenco Nature Park)

Only 12 Spots Available per Date this Summer
10% discount sign up for 3, 20% sign up for 6 Skills sessions