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Portland, Oregon

Laurie Vizzini (milligan) Trainer and Confidence Booster


Spring Skills & Teams

April 4th - May 25th

LViz Spring Skills n Teams

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Registration 7th Grade 2 more spots available

We are a Skills FIRST program

and Teams SECOND

You don’t have to play on a Team to get in skill work this Spring.  However we offer Spring Teams as an avenue for your daughter to display the skills she is learning during our Skill time together.  We have packages for just playing on a TEAM or just SKILLS or a combination of both.  Our Tuesday/Thursday Skills Sessions will focus on lots of shooting, ball handling, teaching charges, shot blocking, conditioning and competition in order to build her confidence.  If you decide to just play on a TEAM, practices are after our skills sessions on Tuesday’s and depending on whether or not you sign up for HS or MS, games will be on Sat or Sun respectively.  We are a progressive program and will make sure to build on what we have learned the week or even session before...each skills session will include competition and put the skill work into live game situations, even if she doesn’t play on a team.  We have 2 gyms and 12 Total baskets, so we will be able to divide up by age and skill during all of our sessions. If you were to chose/ask where best to invest your resources, skill work in the off season, especially in the Spring is my recommendation.  Our Teams are NO-TRYOUT, which means you sign up and we place your daughter where we believe it will be a good fit for growth and experience.  We believe your daughter can’t get better unless she is IN THE GAME and increasing her confidence, so our players play half the game with strategic rotations. There will be no more than 10 players per team, so sign up as soon as you know, otherwise your grade/level may fill up.  The first week of practice we may make some minor adjustments to teams as needed in order to make sure all players are placed appropriately.  Practices will be AFTER Skills on Tuesday’s , except the first week where we will practice after skills on BOTH days. If this sounds like a good fit, you can signup to the left. 


(16 Total Sessions)



Sherwood Middle School

(except: April 6th is moved to Wednesday April 5th (Team Practice following Skills Session that day)


(7 Total Practices)


April 4, 5, 11, 18, 25, 2, 9


Sherwood Middle School

(except: April 5th we will have practice after Skills both Tuesday and Wednesday this week)


HoopSource League

(10 Game Minimum)

April 8 - May 14th



Includes LViz Shooting Shirt FREE

Black LViz Team Jersey (with a #) is EXTRA and need to purchase if don’t have one from years past.

HS Team is