lviz oregon xtreme AAU teams

established 1998
Portland, Oregon

Laurie Vizzini (milligan) Trainer and Confidence Booster


LViz  Academy Teams are a perfect continuation of Academy skills clinics for those who want game experience in the off-season.  These teams are formed  in the Fall and Spring with no try-out required, but players will be evaluated and placed on an appropriate level/grade team.  We will play in a local league with a 12 game guarantee, during the Spring and Fall only, with each team having the option of participating in local tournaments as the team decides.  Visit our LViz Teams HERE

Oregon Xtreme AAU are elite tournament teams at the Middle and High School Level in the Spring and Summer Only. Visit the Oregon Xtreme Website at for more information. 

LViz Basketball does not have a program in the Winter Season as to support the local school programs.  We believe it important for each athlete to play for their respected school and grow up in their system.  LViz Basketball exists for off-season training and team experience at the recreational level and the elite level through Oregon Xtreme.