Our daughter, Lauren, attended Laurie Vizzini's basketball camp for the first time following her sophomore year in high school. Lauren had a very rough year and was almost ready to give up on basketball.  She came to Laurie's with very little basketball self esteem. 


Laurie quickly got busy with Lauren.  My husband and I began to see our daughter excited about basketball again.  Lauren continued with Laurie's camps throughout the summer and fall.  During Lauren's junior year, we couldn't believe we were watching the same player.  Lauren was able to take all the fundamentals that Laurie taught her and apply them to her game.  Lauren finished her junior year with a Metro League honorable mention award.


Although we decided to send our daughter to Laurie Vizzini's camps to achieve better basketball skills, Lauren came away with much more.  Lauren learned how to work hard, believe in herself, think about her team before herself, and most importantly how to be a better part of this world. 


In our opinion, Laurie Vizzini is one of a kind.  Her commitment to her players, her positive attitude, her love and knowledge of the game of basketball, her teaching methods, her kindness, and her hard work ethic are only a few of the wonderful traits that she possesses.  Our daughter has been so blessed to have Laurie in her life. 


John and Kelli Eickelberg


least every summer since my 6th grade year and I have improved greatly because of her. Laurie runs an awesome camp, using personal experience to help coach players in whatever aspect of the game they need help with.

Shelby Vas-Mat - Clackamas hs 2013

This camp is intense but at the same time it is a lot of fun, meeting and playing against other good players from all over Oregon. She is

encouraging and knows what she is talking about. She has greatly improved 

my shot and has helped boost my

confidence level.

Lauren Eickelberg - Sunset HS 2010

Molly Donlon

Jesuit 2014

I’ve been

working with Laurie at

established 1998
Portland, Oregon

Laurie Vizzini (milligan) Trainer and Confidence Booster